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3 Tips to know if you have roof damage in Tampa

If you are reading this blog you either have roof damage or want to be proactive about your roof. No ones wants roof damage but if you have it, hopefully this helps you get more understanding.

The first sign you may see is missing shingles... If you take a walk around your house you may see your asphalt shingles in the grass or somewhere nearby your house. Missing shingles WILL will eventually cause your roof to leak and can lead to holes causing you to replace your entire roof. Second, would be storm damage This could be from strong wind, hail or debris. In some cases it could be missing shingles or a hole in your roof but not always. For example, when it comes to hail it is not easily detected. To the untrained eye hail damage is often overlooked. Tampa roofers describe it as dings throughout your roof. Anything larger than quarter sized hail will cause you roof damage.

Lastly, you energy bill To some this may be a subtle thing, but if you know the heating rate didnt change and you are using around the same amount of heat, but your bill just seems a bit higher than usual there could be some roof damage. For example, if you have missing shingles or unrepaired hail damage as the heat rises it goes right through the roof causing your heating system to work that much harder to warm you up.

Hopefully youve received some good roofing tips to help you learn more about your roof. Schedule a free roof inspection and let us make your home safe again!

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November 7, 2017
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