The Dangers of Undetected Roof Damage





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Are you seeing signs of roof damage in your home but not on your roof?


High winds and rains caused by major storms can impact your roof’s integrity, causing major structural problems if undiagnosed. Having a roof inspection is the difference between loss of property and confidence in the midst of the storm. If you’re seeing signs of roof damage, our team of experts is here to protect you and your family from the elements. Security for your home starts at the top! We’re here for more than an inspection. We want you to have peace of mind before the upcoming rain and storm season.


Why get an inspection before this year’s storm season



Concealed Shingle Problems


Hurricanes, major storms, and excessive heat can unseal and uplift your shingles, making them easier to be lifted again during the next storm. This is cause for slow and prolonged leaks that will wreak havoc in your home from ceiling and drywall damage to mold, mildew, and fungal growth.



Failing Roof Flashing


From the ground it may not be obvious, but damage to your roof-valley flashing or flashing around your chimney can cause rotting of your decking and eventual swelling or sinking of your roof.



Tree Damage


Your roof is vulnerable to tree damage during hurricanes and major storms. Although a tree falling on your roof may not completely destroy it, minor dents, cracks, or bends can open the door for shingle deterioration from rain and runoff. Previous storms and tree branches may have knocked off shingle granules which protect your roof from heat and UV damage, shortening your roof’s lifespan.