Extend the life of your commercial roof

Industrial polymer coating systems installed by the certified professionals at High Tower Roofing protect your capital investments.

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How It Works

What are VFI coatings?

High Tower Roofing offers VFI coating systems, a specialized stand-alone roofing system that consists of silicone, acrylic, or hybrid application to metal or flat roofs that are in need of repair.  VFI coatings are resistant to ponding water, safe for the environment, and are manufactured to withstand the harsh Florida climate. This fully adhered and reinforced coating system is 100% UV resistant to protect your commercial building against rising energy costs. 

How are the coatings applied?

With no downtime needed, VFI coatings can be applied to storage facilities, workshops, warehouses, or other commercial buildings that have a flat or metal roof. First, the roof is cleaned with a VFI cleaning concentrate and pressure rinsed at 700 PSI. Next, a rust-resistant primer is installed, followed by a flashing grade coat over every seam and screw to waterproof and withstand leaks. Finally, two topcoats are layered with a VFI UV protectant that has a color tint sensitive to UV rays.

How long can VFI industrial spray coatings extend the life of a roof?

This affordable application process extends the life of a metal or flat roof before a full replacement can be made while also providing a 10-20 year warranty, depending on the number of coats. The more coatings applied, the longer the manufacturer’s warranty period (up to 20 years).